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How to Work with SourcinBox?

Step 1: Create a SourcinBox Account and Log in

Sign up for SourcinBox
Please login with the email address, not the username.

Step 2: Connect Your Online Store with SourcinBox

Connect Shopify stores

Connect WooCommerce stores

Connect Yampi stores

Connect Nuvemshop stores

Connect CartPanda stores

Connect SHOPLAZZA stores

Connect Etsy stores

For eBay, Amazom, or other stores, you can manually upload orders to SourcinBox with datasheets.

Step 3: Get a 1-on-1 Customer Manager

Please contact us to get a manager code for 1-on-1 customer manager service.

You can enter the manager code on the Dashboard after logging in.

Then you will get the contact information of your customer manager so that you can contact him/ her whenever you need help.

Step 4: Find and Import Products to Your Store

Import SourcinBox products to your store directly.

Request sourcing for other products.

Buy product samples or make test orders.

Customize products for your private label.

If the products you want do not exist in our Marketplace, please send us your sourcing requests on SourcinBox. It's better to send us product links and images, so we can check the product details to find exactly the same products.

We will source the products from manufacturers and add them to SourcinBox for you to check the prices and other details.

We only source products already with orders regularly placed on a daily or weekly basis. We aren't able to process random products without orders.

Step 5: Connect Your Store Products with SourcinBox

The products imported directly from the SourcinBox Marketplace to your store will automatically be connected with SourcinBox.

If the products already exist in your store, but are disconnected, then please contact your customer manager for connection requests to connect the products.

You can fulfill your orders on SourcinBox only when the products are connected with SourcinBox.

Step 6: Order & Payment

Your store orders for the connected products will be synced to SourcinBox automaticallly in the Manage Orders - Dropshipper Orders section. When fulfill your dropshipping orders, you can make instant payment by PayPal, PIX, Boleto or SourcinBox balance.

To recharge (top-up) your SourcinBox balance, you can use PayPal, Payoneer, PIX, Boleto, or Wire Transfer.

Step 7: Fulfillment

Upon your payment, we will purchase products from manufacturers and process your orders.
The order processing time before shipment:
24 hours, with pre-purchased inventory kept in our warehouse;
3 - 5 days, without inventory in our warehouse.

Step 8: Order Tracking

When parcels are shipped out from our warehouse, tracking numbers will be uploaded to your store automatically, which triggers your online store platform to send fulfillment notification emails to your customers.

A notification email contains a link with the tracking number.

Step 9: After-sales Service Support Ticket

Please let us know the order issues by contacting your customer manager or opening a support ticket.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems when working with SourcinBox.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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