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How to Customize Products with SourcinBox?

Whether you have developed a new product or want to improve your existing product, we are able to customize and manufacture products for your business according to your needs and requirements.

What Services Do We Provide?

Product Improvement: Make changes/customizations to existing products.
Product Development: Find trusted manufacturers to help you create new products.
Crowdfunding Fulfillment: Find manufacturers for your products/rewards and send rewards to backers.
Private Labeling: Customize your products, packaging, and marketing materials under your brand.
Contract Manufacturing: Outsource the manufacturing and production of your product line to us.
Product Sourcing: Identify reliable source manufacturers for your products and any materials needed, negotiate favorable terms, and ensure quality and timely delivery.

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How to Work with Us?

You Submit Requirements

The first step is to submit your specific requirements and expectations about the product to be manufactured or customized. Including your designs and drawings.

We Select Manufacturers

We will forward your requirements to multiple manufacturers and then select the best one based on a mix of price, performance, quality, and our experience.

You Receive a Quote

You will receive a quote where we will also discuss potential issues and risks like dimension deviations, finish limitations, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc.

Please note that most manufacturers will require MOQs for customized products and the requirements vary. We will try our best to negotiate the best offers for you.

We Make Samples

Once you accept the quote, we will make the product samples with the same process and materials as you expected. We'll send them to you for review and make the necessary adjustments.

We Sign a Contract

Before payment, we will have confidentiality agreements to safeguard your designs, specifications, and trade secrets throughout the manufacturing process.

We Track Manufacturing

We will liaise closely with the manufacturer to ensure that all improvements proposed during the sampling stage are implemented during the manufacturing process.

We Do Brand Work

We will pack your products with your brand materials including custom packaging, labels, inserts, stickers, etc., and get them ready to ship in the parcel in our warehouse.

We Ship Your orders

When we receive your store orders, we will ship your products out in time with high-quality shipping methods and send you the tracking information.

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Updated on: 05/02/2024

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