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How to Connect Your Store Product with SourcinBox?

You can find all your products in the My Products section. Products imported from SourcinBox are "Connected" automatically. Products synced from your store will be shown as "Disconnected".

You are allowed to fulfill your store orders on SourcinBox only when the product is connected with SourcinBox.

You can Request Sourcing for your store product that is Disconnected.

Your customer manager will source the same product and upload the SourcinBox product link for you to import it to your store.

Check how to Import Products from SourcinBox.

New Feature - Product Connection

We’ve launched a new section called Product Connection. It will be used in 2 situations.

If your store product is disconnected with SourcinBox, and you haven't submitted a sourcing request, then your customer manager will take the initiative to source the product and send a product connection request here.

If you want to fulfill orders for the product on SourcinBox, you can click "Confirm Connection" to connect your store product with SourcinBox.

If you want to fulfill product bundles on SourcinBox, then you can contact your customer manager to help source the products, set up product bundles and send a product connection request to you in the Product Connection section.

After connecting, you can view the product connections in the My Products section.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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