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New Payment Methods! PIX and Boleto, for Brazilian Dropshippers!

We are excited to tell you the good news that we have launched new payment methods for Brazilian dropshippers. We have integrated our app with PIX and Boleto via API. You can easily use PIX to pay for your orders instantly or recharge SourcinBox Balance with PIX and Boleto directly. Please follow the steps below.

Learn more about our payment methods and transfer fees.>>

1. Pay Directly with PIX

When you place SourcinBox Orders, you can choose PIX to pay directly. A CPF & Address is required before making a payment. You can Follow the steps below.

Pay Directly with PIX
Select an Address
You can watch the video step by step tutorial in our blog.

2. Recharge SourcinBox Balance with PIX and Boleto

Step 1: Add a CPF & Address

Click "Add Address" directly when recharging. Or you can also find it in "Setting - CPF & Address" section.

Add a CPF & Address
Add a CPF & Address
House No. is required for CPF & Address when paying with PIX or Boleto.

Step 2: Go to "My Wallet - Recharge"

My Wallet - Recharge
Choose PIX or Boleto as the payment method.

Select an Address for payment and enter the amount you want to charge.

Then click "Pay" to complete the payment.

The processing time of recharging by PIX is 2-5 minutes. It takes 1-2 working days for Boleto to complete your payment with cash or bank transfer.
Recharge with PIX
Recharge wirh Boleto

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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