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How to Request Sourcing for Your Products?

Through our 'Sourcing' feature, you can easily send your sourcing requests and manage the products to be sourced. It enables you to send product links/ images directly to us on SoucinBox.

Step 1

Click "Post Sourcing Request".

Step 2

You may choose to send us sourcing requests for the existing products in your store or send us links and images of other products you want to sell.

Request Sourcing for Your Store Product

Once your store is connected with SourcinBox, all your store products (both Connected and Disconnected) will be synchronized with SourcinBox. You can search out the store product you want us to source for you and click "Request Sourcing".

Request Sourcing for Other Products

You can request sourcing for other products by uploading the product's image (PNG/JPG Image less than 30MB), title, and URL.

Step 3

Once a sourcing request is sent to us, your customer manager can see and check it for you. You can check the processing status of your sourcing requests on SourcinBox.

If you don't have a customer manager yet, please contact us to get one.

Your customer manager will source the same product as you requested and upload the SourcinBox product link for you to import it to your store.

Check how to Import Products from SourcinBox.


Please note that you can only request sourcing for up to 3 products a day. All the sourcing requests will be processed regularly and efficiently on a daily or weekly basis. You can inform your customer manager to process your sourcing request as soon as possible.

To source the most appropriate products, we have to spend a lot of time checking with manufacturers for all details like color, material, size, packaging, lead time, etc. When we find the exact product, we will negotiate with the manufacturers to get a better price. The whole process of sourcing one product could take 1-2 working days. Such a process is time-consuming and labor-intensive for our employees. But we can make your patient waiting cost-effective.

If you are at the stage of building your store, we recommend you source the product from AliExpress and test it out first. When a product turns out to be a winner, you can then let us source it directly from the manufacturer at a favorable price for you.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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