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How to Customize The Tracking URL for Your Orders?

Once your orders are shipped, SourcinBox will automatically update the order tracking numbers and tracking URLs. You can check it in [Shipped] of the Manage Orders section as well as in your online store. We will use 17Track for tracking your orders by default. You can change it to a different tracking tool or customize the tracking URL according to your usage preferences.

Customize The Tracking URL

Click "Setting" for your store in the Manage Stores section.

You can directly select to use 17Track or Aftership to generate tracking URLs for your orders. If you select Custom, then please enter the Tracking URL prefix of the tracking tool you want to use.

For example, the tracking URL of Aftership is{tracking number}, then just enter , and SourcinBox will automatically add the {tracking number} of each order to the end of the URL.

Allow Sending Emails to Your Customers

The tracking numbers and URLs can also be emailed to your customers as soon as the orders are shipped. You can allow this function in General Settings - Default setup.

Please note that sending emails to customers is NOT available for Yampi and Shoplazza stores.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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