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How to Fulfill Your Dropshipping Orders on SourcinBox?

This tutorial is for SourcinBox Beta users.

Once you have connected your online store with SourcinBox, your store orders will automatically be synced to SourcinBox. You can find them in the Manage Orders - Dropshipper Orders section.

Order Syncing Explained:

SourcinBox will automatically sync the paid & unfulfilled orders from your store by default and you can change it in the store settings.

Manage Stores - Setting
If your orders are not syncing automatically, please click the “Sync Orders” button to try syncing your orders manually.

Dropshipper Orders - Sync Orders
If it still doesn't work, then please contact your customer manager for help!

Order Status Explained:

In Quotation - Store orders will appear here if the product is disconnected with SourcinBox.
To Order - Store orders will appear here and are ready to be paid if the product is connected with SourcinBox. Normally, your store orders will be automatically synced here.
Pending - The order is in payment but was not successfully paid.
In Processing - The order has been paid and is being processed before shipping.
Shipped - The order is shipped and the tracking number will be updated here.
Refunds - You have requested a refund for the order and you can check the refund progress here.
Reshipped - You have requested a reship for the order and you can check the reship progress here.
Canceled - The order is canceled from [To Order].

Manage Orders - Dropshipper Orders

Custom Packaging Explained:

If you want to include custom packaging and personalized cards for each order, then you can contact your customer manager to help you source the packaging product and set up the Customized packaging for your orders. When you have store orders synced to SourcinBox, each order will automatically match a Customized packaging.

SourcinBox Customized Packaging
You can check your custom packaging products in the Private Products section.

Manage Products - Private Products

Steps to Fulfill Your Dropshipping Orders

Click “Order” and you will be directed to the Checkout page.

Manage Orders - Dropshipper Orders
You can select a Shipping Method for the order and choose a Payment Method to make the payment.

Check how to Set up Shipping Rules to automatically match the right shipping method for your orders.

Dropshipper Orders - Checkout
Once the order is successfully paid, it will be listed in [In Processing]. Then we will handle the rest including purchasing the corresponding products from manufacturers, checking the product quality, packaging the order, labeling, and shipping it in time.

Dropshipper Orders - In Processing
Once the order is shipped, you will find it in [Shipped] and check the tracking number and tracking URL, which will also be updated in your store and emailed to your customer.

Dropshipper Orders - Shipped
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems when fulfilling your orders on SourcinBox.

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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