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How to Manually Upload Orders to SourcinBox with Datasheets? (For Amazon, eBay, or Other Stores)

SourcinBox has already integrated with the following major e-commerce platforms to facilitate importing products and syncing orders.

Connect Shopify
Connect WooCommerce
Connect Shoplazza
Connect Nuvemshop
Connect Yampi
Connect CartPanda
Connect Etsy

If you are running stores on other platforms like Amazon and eBay, our 'Import Orders' feature allows you to upload store orders to SourcinBox manually with datasheets.

Before uploading your orders via datasheets, please make sure that the products exist in the SourcinBox Marketplace or your private product list. If not, please contact your customer manager first to source the products for you.

Step 1

Find Wholesale Orders under the Manage Orders section.

Step 2

Download the template and fill in the order information. To avoid unnecessary issues, here are some tips when filling out the datasheet:

Please fill out all the columns marked (*) correctly.
Please fill out the variant SKU on SourcinBox, other than the SKU on your store.
Please fill out the recipient's CPF number if the package is sent to Brazil.
Store tags can be your store name or any specific description of your store.
Customer order number refers to the order number on your store.
The same order cannot be uploaded repeatedly.

If you have further issues, please contact your customer manager for help.

Step 3

After filling in all information in the datasheet template, please click "Import Orders" and check the order status.

1. Order Status-Success

Click the button "Import Orders" again and the orders will be uploaded to SourcinBox successfully.

2. Order Status-Failed

Click "Export Failed" to download the datasheet of orders with misinformation and correct them according to the Failed Reason. Then you can re-upload the corrected datasheet.

Step 4

You can pay for the orders either in bulk or one by one. And we will process and fulfill your orders as soon as receiving your payment.

Step 5

The order status will be updated automatically for you to check at any time. As soon as the orders are shipped, the tracking numbers will be updated in [Shipped].

Click "Export Shipped" and select a time range to download the datasheet of the shipped order information.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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