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How to Recharge Your SourcinBox Balance?

You can use PayPal, PIX, and Boleto for instant payment on SourcinBox. To make it more efficient and cost-effective for you to pay for your orders on SourcinBox, it is recommended to recharge on SourcinBox and use your SourcinBox balance to pay for your order, which will also help save you transaction fees on each payment.

You can find Recharge under the My Wallet section. We offer recharge benefits based on your recharge amount. For example, when you recharge $10,000, you will receive an additional $100 as a benefit, so you will receive $10,100 in your SourcinBox balance.

For some payment methods, the transaction fee may be deducted from your recharge amount, so your final balance amount is based on the actual transfer amount we receive.

And you have 5 payment options to recharge your SourcinBox balance.

Wire Transfer

Your CPF & Address is required when paying or recharging via PIX and Boleto. Please add your CPF & Address under the Setting section.

For PIX and Boleto, if Gate 1 doesn't work, then try Gate 2. If there's any problems when recharging your balance, please contact your customer manager for help!

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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