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How to Import SourcinBox Products to Your Store?

Step 1

Go to Manage Products - Marketplace. You can select by categories, keywords, or image to find the product you want.

New Feature - Search by Image

Click "Search by Image" and select a product image. Then it will show you products that are the same as or similar to the image.

Step 2

You can click to open the product detail and check if it is what you want. Then click "Add to Import List".

Step 3

Open Import List and you can edit the product title, tags, descriptions, variants, images, and pricing before importing it to your store.

Step 4

Click "Import" and select a store and collection and then click "Confirm" to import.

The import process takes 1-5 minutes. And you can wait a moment and refresh the page. You will find the product in your store when it is imported successfully.

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Updated on: 05/02/2024

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