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What's New About SourcinBox?

Dear customers,

Welcome to the new version of SourcinBox!

We have added some new features and also have some old features upgraded for a better and more efficient user experience!

Let's explore what's new about SourcinBox:

1. Search by Image

Now you can search for the same or similar products as what you want in the SourcinBox Marketplace via the new feature: Search by Image.

2. Inventory Cart and Wholesale Cart

We have merged the Dropshipper module and the Wholesaler module from the old version.

Now you can find the Inventory Cart and Wholesale Cart on the Product Detail page.

Inventory Cart - It is used to pre-purchase products as inventory.
Wholesale Cart - It is used to order samples, test orders, or wholesale products.

Check how to Pre-purchase Inventory

Check how to Wholesale/Buy Sample

3. Three Types of Orders on SourcinBox

There are 3 types of orders and all of them are managed more clearly under the Manage Orders section.

Dropshipper Orders - Orders synced from your online store.
Wholesale Orders - Orders of product samples, wholesale orders, or imported orders via datasheets.
Inventory Orders - Orders of products you pre-purchased to be stored in our warehouse.

4. Optimized Order Management

We've optimized the order status of the Dropshipper Orders section.

Check how to Fulfill Orders (with order status explained)

5. Recommended Product Connection

We've launched a new section called Product Connection. It will be used in the following 2 situations.

Check how to Connect Product
Check how to Request Sourcing

If your store product is disconnected from SourcinBox, and you haven't submitted a sourcing request, then your customer manager will take the initiative to source the product and send a product connection request here.

If you want to fulfill product bundles on SourcinBox, then you can contact your customer manager to help source the products, set up product bundles, and send a product connection request to you in the Product Connection section.

6. Etsy Store Integration

We have integrated SourcinBox with the Etsy platform to allow order fulfillment for Etsy merchants.

Check how to Connect Etsy

More features have been updated and are waiting for your exploration. You are welcome to send us any feedback about the new version of SourcinBox.


WhatsApp: +86 173 2607 4089

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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