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What Are The SourcinBox's Advantages over AliExpress?

First, we don't charge subscription fees or monthly fees, you only need to pay for products, shipping, tax(if any), and customization(if any). Very beginner-friendly!

Compared with AliExpress, we have the following advantages:

Lower Cost

We have more product resources, and we are able to get the same products as AliExpress at better prices from original manufacturers, with no distributors involved. Total dropshipping costs are generally lower on SourcinBox. You can send us sourcing requests for almost any legal products you want.

Highly Automated

Our app is available for multiple e-commerce platforms. You can easily import products into your online store, and the orders will be automatically synced to our app. No need to forward your orders to multiple suppliers with data sheets.

Unified Order Processing

Most dropshippers run general stores, if using AliExpress, you may need to work with multiple suppliers for different products. The products will be purchased separately and packaging will vary.

But we provide unified order processing. We will check product quality and repackage, there's no supplier information, price information, or Chinese words on the packages. The shipping will be much cheaper if multiple products are shipped together in one package.

Free Warehousing

SourcinBox allows you to pre-order some products in advance as inventory and store them in our warehouse to avoid stock-outs.. And for products in stock, we can ship them within 24 hours of receiving your orders.

Faster and More Cost-effective Shipping

We also provide many fast and cost-effective shipping options. Delivery times to North America and EU countries average 7-14 days. Delivery times to South American countries average 10-20 days.

The shipping price on SourcinBox is not fixed or hidden in the product price. It is based on the product weight and delivery country, which is more reasonable.

1-on-1 Customer Manager Service

We provide 1-on-1 customer manager service to help you with product sourcing and order fulfillment. And you can easily get support when you have problems using our app. We can respond in time almost all year round except for the Chinese New Year.

Responsible After-sales Services

We are responsible for any after-sales issues that are caused by our fault. You can easily get a refund or reship for damaged products, defective products, or lost packages.

Brand Customization

With SourcinBox, you are able to customize products, specifications, packaging, inserts, personalized cards, etc. under your Brand. However, not all AliExpress suppliers can do this.

Secure Payment Gateway

We provide instant payment methods PayPal and PIX, with favorable transaction fees. And you can also top up your SourcinBox Balance with up to 5 payment methods. You can also download invoices for your transactions on SourcinBox.

Professional Team

We are a team with over 5 years of experience in the dropshipping industry. We are not selling services but providing you with a better dropshipping supply chain solution.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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