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Why Is My Order in [Pending]?

There is an order status called [Pending] in the Manage Orders section on SourcinBox. Your orders will be in [Pending] in the following two statuses.

Paying - The order payment is in processing because:

Usually, the payment will take a while, the order will be in [In Processing] or [Paid] when payment is successful.
There's something wrong with your 3-party payment account. A review is required.

Payment Failed - The order payment is failed because:

You haven't finished your payment on the 3-party payment platform.
The payment is timeout.
Your 3-party payment account is at risk and the transaction is rejected.

For orders of the "Paying" status for a long while, you can try to cancel the payment and pay again.

Sometimes the "Paying" orders can not be canceled, depending on the 3-party payment platform. Please contact your customer manager for help if it is in "Paying" for a long while and can’t be canceled.

After successfully canceling, it will be the "Payment Failed" status. And click "Pay" to try again.

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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