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Is Inventory Necessary on SourcinBox?

The dropshipping model doesn't require inventory and Inventory is not necessary when fulfilling your orders on SourcinBox. We actually purchase products directly from the manufacturers after we receive your orders on SourcinBox. The products will be first shipped from the manufacturers to our warehouse for quality inspections, kitting, packing, and labeling. This process usually takes 3-5 days before shipment.

When do you need to pre-purchase inventory?

SourcinBox provides free warehousing services for businesses that need to keep inventory in the following cases.

Check how to Pre-purchase Inventory on SourcinBox.

1. To shorten the processing time.

For businesses that have stable daily sales, it is recommended to pre-purchase a proper quantity of products as inventory and store them in our warehouse. Once you have orders of the products in stock, we can ship them out within 24 hours.

2. To avoid stock-outs during Chinese holiday shutdowns.

There will be manufacturing shutdowns and product shortages during Chinese holidays such as the National Day Holidays and the Chinese New Year Holidays. It is highly recommended to pre-purchase inventory before the holidays start to avoid product stock-outs during the shutdowns.

3. To keep your customized products or branding materials in stock.

SourcinBox provides product customization and private label services, which usually require minimum order quantities(MOQs). If you want to sell customized products or sell with custom packaging or any branding materials, you may have to pre-purchase a specific quantity of customized products and materials before you get any sales. In this case, we will help you keep and manage your inventory in our warehouse for free. Once we receive your orders, we will kit and pack the products with your custom packaging and brand materials before shipment.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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