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Why is Shipping So Expensive on SourcinBox?

Many customers have complained that "the shipping is so expensive on SourcinBox but AliExpress provides Free Shipping", and "the total costs have no advantage over AliExpress".

First, we don't charge any subscription fees or monthly fees. Regarding prices, it's better to compare the total price of the products and shipping. We should not judge only from one product or single price.

Our shipping is calculated based on product weight, and delivery country, which is more reasonable than fixed shipping hidden in the product price. The total cost of most products on SourcinBox is lower than on other platforms like AliExpress. So it would be better to test furtherly on SourcinBox.

It is recommended to send us a sourcing request or contact us to get the newest quotation and favorable prices for the products you want. And your customer manager will send you a link to the product so you can review the price and shipping. It's free to ask for product sourcing and quotation.

Product Prices and Shipping Compared to AliExpress

Example: Domino Train Toy Set

AliExpress Price: US $17.62
Shipping: Free
Estimated Delivery Time: About 1 month (from Feb 09 to Mar 06)

Product details on AliExpress
SourcinBox Price: US $4.1
Shipping Cost: US $9.3 with CNE Express(ECO)
Total Cost: US $13.40
Estimated Delivery Time: 7-12 days

Product details on SourcinBox

Total Cost of 10 pieces:

AliExpress: US $17.62 x 10 = US $176.2
On AliExpress, the shipping cost is actually hidden in the product price, so it’s more expensive if you buy products in batches.

SourcinBox: US $101.38
The shipping cost on SourcinBox is calculated according to the product weight, shipping methods, and delivery country.

Product details on SourcinBox

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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