Everyone using our app can enjoy 1-on-1 customer manager service for free. Each of our customer managers has a unique manager code.

If you contact us for the first time, there will be a customer manager sending his/ her manager code to you. Or you can ask for one.

And if you are about to use SourcinBox officially for your dropshipping business, we recommend you to enter the manager code you receive on the Dashboard after logging in.

With the code, you will get all the contact information of your 1-on-1 customer manager and you can feel free to get in touch with him/ her for help when you have problems.

If you want to change your current customer manager to another one, please first contact your current customer manager and ask for a replacement. If there is no response for a long time, then please send an email to support@sourcinbox.com and tell us what happened and why you want to change your customer manager. We will check your case and make a replacement.
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