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Payment to SourcinBox

1. Options to pay for your orders:

When you place orders to us, we accept the following options for instant payment:

SourcinBox Balance
SourcinBox Credit

2. Options to recharge (top-up) your SourcinBox balance:

Compared with using PayPal directly, paying with SourcinBox balance saves you much transfer cost. For each transaction with PayPal, PayPal takes around $0.31 [=0.3/(1-2.9%)]. For example, when you need to pay $1000 to us in total 50 different times ($20 each time), the total transfer fee for 50 payments is $45.31. But if you recharge the $1000 in one time, the transfer fee is $30.18 which is less. Then you can use the SourcinBox balance to pay for your orders without any additional transfer fee for each payment.

To recharge your SourcinBox balance, we accept PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, PIX, Boleto. Please see the details below.

SourcinBox Payment Methods

3. How to recharge your SourcinBox balance?

3.1 SourcinBox app --> My Wallet --> Recharge

There's cashback rewarded when the recharge amount we receive every single time is over $2000.

Please note the amount our accounts actually receive will be the amount added to your SourcinBox balance.

SouricnBox - Recharge
Please also note that when you have transferred money to us with one of the following options, you'll have to submit a recharge application. We'll remind you of this matter again in the rest part of this blog.
PayPal Mass Pay
Wire Transfer

3.2 Recharge with PayPal

Recharge with PayPal Balance

Enter the amount you want to recharge;
Click the button "Check out with PayPal".

Recharge with PayPal
Recharge with PayPal Mass Pay

If you have PayPal Mass Pay, please go to your PayPal account and transfer the money to our PayPal account directly by PayPal Mass Pay.

*In this case, when the payment is done, you'll have to submit a recharge application according to the steps stated in the following parts from "3.4".

3.3 Recharge with Payoneer

You can transfer the money to our Payoneer account directly via SourcinBox app. Please see the steps below.

Enter the amount you want to recharge;
Click "Check out with Payoneer" and follow the instructions on Payoneer.

Recharge with Payoneer

3.4 Recharge with Wire Transfer

When you have successfully transferred the money to our bank account via banks directly or Transferwise, please save the screenshot/ image of the payment voucher to your computer and submit a recharge application on SourcinBox app.

Enter the amount that our bank will receive;
Upload the payment voucher;
Leave whatever message about this recharge to us.

Recharge with Wire Transfer

3.5 Recharge with PIX and Boleto

Add a CPF & Address in "Setting - CPF & Address" section;

Add a CPF & Address
Select the Address you have set;
Enter the amount you want to recharge;
Click "Pay" to complete payment.

Recharge with PIX
Recharge with Boleto
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about how to work with SourcinBox.

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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