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How to Merge Orders on SourcinBox?

SourcinBox can pack all products that are ordered in parts at different times by the same recipient in one package for shipment. As such, you only need to pay for the shipping once for all products shipping to the same address. For some small items, the shipping cost of merging them into one package will be cheaper than shipping separately.

Please note that not all products can be merged for shipment. For example, when the total volume weight of the merged products is much larger than the total actual weight, expensive shipping charges will be incurred. So please compare the changes in shipping prices before and after merging and consult your customer manager if necessary.

Follow the easy steps below to merge the orders from the same recipient.

Step 1

You can find the "Merge" button in the Dropshipper Orders section. Click the button and you will have a view of the orders that can be merged.

Step 2

Select the orders you want to merge and choose a shipping method for the final order. Click "Merge" to finish.

The merged order will be listed in [To Order]. And you can click "Order" to fulfill it.

You can click "Restore" to unmerge the order.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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