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How to Split Orders on SourcinBox APP

If a customer orders a large number of products in your store, shipping the products in one package may cause expensive shipping and taxes due to the large order value. So, it is recommended to split your order on SourcinBox to fulfill them in multiple small packages, which will avoid extra shipping or tax costs. Follow the steps below to split your orders on SourcinBox.

If you are not sure whether your order requires a split for fulfillment, please ask your customer manager.

Step 1

Go to "Manage Orders - Dropshipper Orders". Find the order you want ro split and click "Split Order".

Step 2

Add one or more suborders before splitting the order as needed.

Step 3

Select the product quantity you want to move and the corresponding suborder to move to.

If you select "Move to Suborders" directly, the orders will be moved to a new suborder automatically.

Step 4

Check the split orders and click "Confirm to split" to finish. Then you can fulfill the split orders as normal orders.

You can still click "Restore" to undo the splitting action if there’s something wrong.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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