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Why Are My Products Shown as "Disconnected"? How to Connect?

Many of our customers are confused about the products that are shown as "Disconnected" on SourcinBox app. In this article, we will tell you how to connect these products with our app.

After you have connected your (Shopify/ WooCommerce) stores with sourcinbox app, your existing store products will sync to SourcinBox app automatically. They will be shown as "Disconnected" in the "Manage Products-My Products" section.

Besides, products that were imported from AliExpress or somewhere else will also be shown as "Disconnected".

My Products
Don't worry. If you want to fulfill orders for these disconnected products, you can send sourcing requests to us or contact us directly, we will source the products and send the SourcinBox product link to you. You can check the sourcing status and product link is in the Sourcing Detail. Then you can import the product to your store.

Sourcing Status

Add to Import List
The orders of the imported products will be synced to SourcinBox APP automatically, which then allows you to place orders to us on the SourcinBox orders page.

If the product shows "Partial Connected", it means that only product variants that require order fulfillment have been connected.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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