We are excited to show you how to place Wholesale Orders on SourcinBox app. Please take the following steps.

1. Go to "Wholesaler - Marketplace".

Wholesaler - Marketplace
2. Find The Product.

Before opening the wholesale product link that your customer manager sent to you, please make sure your current page on SourcinBox is the "Wholesaler" page.
Product Details
3. Ready to Pay.

You will see the products ready to be purchased in Cart.

Purchase Cart
You can either enter "Full Screen" to check more details or get in Order Summary directly for further steps.

Full Screen

After you submit, you will get in Order Summary.

Full Screen
Order Summary to Place Order directly

Add a shipping address if you don't already have one saved.

Add a shipping address
Click "Place Order" to pay for the order.

Place Order
Make sure you've selected an address before you click "Place Order" for the next step.

4. Pay For The Order.

Pay For The Order
When you click "Pay", you'll be direct to the final step to make payment.

Pay For The Order

You can add shipping addresses in "Setting" before you place orders.

Setting - Addresses
Manage wholesale orders, check the status of your wholesale orders.

For Amazon, eBay, or other store, you can import orders by following our download template, and you can also export orders that have already been shipped.

Wholesale Orders
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