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How To Merge Orders On SourcinBox App

As many of you are getting separated orders placed by the same customer, the most economical way for you is to ship these orders in one package. We finally made our app ready to merge the orders from the same recipient. Please follow the steps below to merge your orders.

1. Go to "Manage Orders - SourcinBox Orders" and Find "Merge".

You can watch the video step by step tutorial in our blog.
SourcinBox Orders - Merge

2. Select Orders to be Merged.

SourcinBox APP will list all orders satisfying conditions below as mergeable orders.
The separated orders have:

exactly the same shipping address and recipient information;
the same set of shipping methods.

Select Orders to be Merged

3. Merge The Selected Orders.

Select a shipping method and click "Merge" at the bottom of the page to proceed. Then the APP will direct you to the "SourcinBox Orders" page to make payment for the merged orders like for the other common orders.

Merge the selected orders

4. Pay for The Merged Orders on The Page "SourcinBox Orders".

You are able to change the shipping method here again. Then choose a payment method and pay.

Pay for The Merged Orders
Pay for The Merged Orders
SourcinBox also allows you to split your orders, please check how to split SourcinBox orders.

Updated on: 25/02/2023

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