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Highly Recommended Payment Option: Payoneer. Sign up for bonus!

Most customers are recharging the SourcinBox balance to pay for their orders. With regard to the major advantages below, we highly recommend that you use Payoneer as the payment option.

Sign up for a bonus ($50)!

1. 0-cost & Superfast

The fee to transfer the money on your Payoneer balance to our Payoneer account is $0. The money is received instantly.

2. Low-cost in Other Cases

Normally 2% is charged when you transfer the money on your Payoneer balance to our bank account. The money is received within 1 working day.

When you transfer the money on your Payoneer balance to a bank account, usually the rate of the transfer fee is 2%, but an additional fee will be charged by Payoneer's partnering banks/ processors.

Payoneer saves up to 3% exchange loss.**

Consider the Payoneer account your virtual bank account that works just like a real bank account, and suppose you have foreign currency on your PayPal/ Stripe, you can easily withdraw funds to your local bank account in local currency at excellent rates, giving you more local currency for your hard work!

Foreign currency on PayPal/ Stripe → Withdraw to Payoneer → Withdraw funds to your local bank in local currency

Other fees**

Please see Payoneer's Fee for details

3. Powerful in Getting Paid

With Payoneer, you can get paid on over 60 eCommerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, etc.

Receive B2B payment worldwide. Under a Payoneer account, you can use different receiving accounts for all mainstream currencies, which functions as if you own local bank accounts and T/T accounts in the USA, UK, Japan, Hongkong, Canada, Australia, etc.

You can get a physical/ virtual Master Card with your Payoneer account to pay for the ads (FACEBOOK, GOOGLE), product/ service on the marketplace (SourcinBox), or any consumption online/ offline.

4. Huge User Base & Reliable Support

Payoneer covers about 200 countries and 150 currencies, serving 4 million active users. All around the world, Payoneer offers 7/24 hour customer service in 35 languages.

Now sign up for a Payoneer account to win Bonus ($50)! How to win the bonus? Easy! Just make sure you follow the 2 steps below.

Step 1. Your new Payoneer account is signed up via the link here.

Step 2. The new Payoneer account receives $1000 in total.

When Step 2 is done, the bonus will be given by Payoneer immediately. Enjoy using Payoneer. Cheers!

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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