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How to Set up Pricing Rules on SourcinBox?

Take the Shopify store as an example, there is a place where you can set product Price and Compared-at price for each specification. In addition to editing the prices one by one in your store, a more efficient way is to set the prices automatically before importing products from SourcinBox to your online store.

The Price and Compared-at price on Shopify respectively correspond to the Sales Price and Standard Price on SourcinBox.

Sales Price is the price that the buyer actually pays for the product.
Standard Price is a predetermined price of the product that is based on the cost of replacement, historical prices, or the analysis of its competitive market position.

Follow the steps below to set up pricing rules for products to be imported from SourcinBox.

Step 1

Find Setting - Pricing Rules and turn on the feature to set the Price Markups.

e.g. 'x 10' means 10 times the Unit Price, '+ 10' means add $10 to the Unit Price.

You can set the cent value for the prices.

e.g. If you fill in 99, the Price will be shown as XX.99.

You can click "Add Pricing Rules" to add different pricing rules for products of different Unit Price ranges.

Step 2

The pricing rules you set will be applied to products you add to the Import List after you set the rules. The prices will be synced to your store after you import the product to your store successfully.

Sales Price = Unit Price x 10
Standard Price = Unit Price x 12
Total Price = Unit Price + Shipping
Profit = Sales Price - Total Price

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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