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How to Change The Order Tracking Method on SourcinBox?

SourcinBox will automatically update tracking numbers and tracking URLs for your shipped orders. You can choose to use the default Tracking Number or the Shipping Company's Tracking Code to track the packages. The differences are as follows:

Tracking Number: The default tracking number you get on SourcinBox for your orders. When tracking your package through this number, tracking information will be updated only when the package reaches the destination country.
Shipping Company's Tracking Code: A tracking code provided by the shipping company that allows you to query complete tracking information starting from China.

The Shipping Company's Tracking Code is only available for part of the shipping methods.

Click "Add a Tracking Method" in the Shipping Rules - Tracking Method section.

Select a tracking method for the shipping method you use for your orders and click "Confirm".

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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