Dear customers, we are now allowing you to easily connect your SHOPLAZZA store with SourcinBox directly on our app. Please follow the steps below.


Login to your SHOPLAZZA store and go to the "Apps" section. Click "Manage private apps".

SHOPLAZZA - Manage private apps
Step 2:

Click "Create App", and you will direct to edit the App Detail.

SHOPLAZZA - Create App
Step 3:

Enter "SourcinBox" as the Private app name and enter your email. Please remember to open the necessary permissions.

SHOPLAZZA - App Detail
Step 4:

Click "Save", you will see the Access token right on the Private APP page.

Step 5:

Go to the "Manage Stores" page of SourcinBox. Find the "Shoplazza" section and click "Add your store now!".

SourcinBox Manage Stores
Step 6:

Copy your Store URL and Access token to SourcinBox. Click "Connect a store".

Connect a store
Step 7:

Done. After you successfully connected your SHOPLAZZA store with SourcinBox, it will show in the "Manage Store" section.

SourcinBxo Manage Stores
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about how to work with SourcinBox.
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