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How to Avoid Copyright Infringement When Dropshipping?

Is dropshipping legal? Why did some people get sued when dropshipping?

Of course, dropshipping itself is legal because it is perfectly legal to resell items as long as they are from legal sources. And the biggest reason for being sued is likely to be copyright infringement.

In this article, we will tell you how to avoid copyright infringement in dropshipping from the following aspects.

1. Don’t Sell Fakes and Imitation Brand Products.

It is illegal to sell fakes anywhere and sell imitations of brand products because brand products are highly protected by copyright. If you dropship imitation brand products, you will face the huge risk that your products being detained by customs and being sued, causing huge losses to you.

The following are some example products that imitate well-known brands. Please be sure to avoid all products imitating copyrighted brands when dropshipping.

For real branded products, you must provide an authorization letter from the brand supplier when dropshipping, otherwise, customs will not allow these products to pass.

About which brands and related imitation brand products may face the risk of copyright infringement, you can refer to the copyrighted brand list provided by our partner shipping companies.

2. Beware of Copyright Infringement of Movies and Animations

“Can I dropshipping products with movie characters, such as a phone case with Spiderman printed on it?”

It is illegal to use copyrighted characters, movies, comic book pages, music, images, charities, sports logos, or as such to create and sell custom products without permission from the copyright owners.

For example, many Amazon sellers have received hundreds of copyright infringement warnings for selling unauthorized Squid game merchandise.

But you can dropship as long as the products are from a legally licensed and authorized supplier who obtained the products from the copyright owner's manufacturer.

There are many stores that legally sell copyrighted goods on Amazon and Etsy. But suppliers on AliExpress are rarely allowed to use copyrighted characters, images, etc of large, well-known works. So please be cautious when dropshipping AliExpress products.

3. Is It Risky to Dropship Products with Chinese Supplier Names on?

Many products on AliExpress have brand names that you've never heard of, and these are usually the supplier's own brand name. Are these products legal for dropshipping?

Of course, it is legal to dropship supplier's brand products as long as the supplier is the rightful owner of the copyright for the brand. Because the supplier legally makes their own branded product and legally sells it to you, you can legally continue to resell it.

But you can't destroy the supplier's brand logo or put your own brand logo on the product without permission and resell it. You know that is absolutely illegal.

4. Avoid Product Image and Video Infringement

One issue that most dropshippers ignore is copyright infringement of product images or videos. It’s not surprising that the product images, videos, and even descriptions you are using in your own store may be at risk of copyright infringement.

Most dropshippers use the supplier's product images directly. Or just remove the supplier's brand information on the image through PS. These actions may be infringing the intellectual property rights of product image photographers and the copyright of the brand owner.

Therefore, the best way to avoid the risks of being sued is to buy product samples and take photos of products yourself. This is also good for improving your customer experience in your store.

In dropshipping, you should not only avoid infringing the copyrights of others but also pay attention to protecting your own copyrights. Especially those dropshippers who have established their own brands should apply for copyright protection for their brands in time.

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Updated on: 24/05/2022

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